Here's how my process works...


1. Initial Consult

This is the single most important part of my process. I'll help you analyze your goals and determine measurable outcomes. We'll go over your business with a fine tooth comb together, decide EXACTLY what challenges YOU face and show you how I'll solve them with an online marketing strategy unique to your business.


2. Sitemap Development

Once I have a clear idea of your outcomes and how to achieve them, I develop a visual sitemap. This puts us on the same page quickly and helps me decide how to best structure your site, and the accompanying marketing campaign. It is the foundation of your final site, and really gets things rolling quickly.


3. Interactive Prototype

This is where I differ from most other online marketing professionals. Rather than try to explain my plan with pencil sketches or flat renderings, I deliver an interactive prototype so that you can see, in your own browser, exactly how my solution will work when launched.


4. Design

At this point, things start coming together quickly. I take your sitemap and Interactive Prototype and put them together with your Brand Identity to deliver the final product designed to appeal to your target marke


5. Site Development

Once the design is finalized, my team gets to work, building, testing and launching your website on our bulletproof hosting platform. This portion of the process typically takes 3-4 weeks, depending on the scope of your site. At this stage we add Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration and Site Analytics mechanisms to ensure measurable results.